February 5, 2024


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Six things to do once you’re engaged!

Congratulations on your engagement! This is such an exciting time in your life, and as a photographer, I am here to offer some guidance on what to do now that you are engaged. The proposal is just the beginning, so, without further ado, here are six things you should consider!

1. Celebrate and Enjoy: Take a moment to celebrate your love and the beginning of this incredible journey together. Cherish this special time and revel in the joy of being engaged.

Tip: Hire a photographer to capture the special moment your get engaged! I love proposals and capturing this unforgettable moment is something you’re going to want to look back on.

2. Share the News: Spread the word! Let your family and close friends know of your engagement. Consider organizing a small gathering to share the news in person or announce it through social media. The choice is yours, but remember to savor these moments together.

3. Set a Date and Budget: Start discussing potential wedding dates and establish a budget. These two factors will play a significant role in the planning process and help you make informed decisions moving forward.

Tip: Don’t forget to get your ring insured! Explore your options to protect such a significant investment. Research insurance policies and choose one that suits your needs best, bringing you peace of mind.

4. Create a guest list: After you discuss a budget it’s a good idea to focus on creating a guest list! Each additional guest means more money so it’s a good idea to establish your budget then decide how many guests to invite. If a smaller wedding or elopement is more your style, I would love to capture your micro-wedding!

5. Choose Your Dream Venue: Savannah, GA, is a stunning location for engagements and weddings. Look for venues, either in Savannah or wherever you plan to tie the knot, that match your vision and budget. Keep an eye out for exquisite locations that will showcase your love in the most beautiful way.

6. Find Your Photographer: Hiring a professional photographer is crucial in capturing the essence and magic of your engagement and wedding. Look for a photographer who specializes in engagements and weddings in Savannah, GA. Make sure their style and portfolio align with your aesthetic preferences. A skilled photographer will tell your unique love story through their lens, creating timeless memories for you to cherish forever.

Getting married outside of Savannah? I am also a destination wedding photographer and would love to capture your day no matter the location!

Remember, this is just the beginning of your journey together. By taking these initial steps, you are setting a strong foundation for planning your dream wedding. Don’t forget to enjoy this special time as a couple. Happy planning!

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