July 20, 2022


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Engagement Photography in Savannah Ga |Collins & Zach

As a Savannah engagement photographer, I’m always looking for beautiful and unique locations to capture the love and connection between couples. When Collins and Zach reached out to me for their engagement session, I knew I wanted to take them on a picturesque journey, starting at Isle of Hope and ending in downtown Savannah, Georgia.

The day of the shoot arrived, and the excitement was palpable in the air. Collins and Zach were a charming couple, full of anticipation and joy. We met at Isle of Hope, a serene and idyllic neighborhood filled with quaint cottages and breathtaking marsh views. The soft golden light of the early morning illuminated their smiles, creating a natural glow that perfectly matched the warmth of their love.

My thought process as a photographer is to always create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for my clients. I directed Collins and Zach with gentle prompts while also allowing their natural chemistry to shine through. It was important to me to capture their authentic connection, the way they effortlessly moved together and melted into each other’s arms.

After finishing up at Isle of Hope, we made our way to downtown Savannah. This vibrant and lively city offered a stark contrast to the peacefulness of Isle of Hope. The cobblestone streets and historic architecture provided a rich backdrop for our photos, with each location reflecting a different facet of Collins and Zach’s relationship.

engagement photos in monterey square in downtown savannah georgia

As we wandered through the famous squares of downtown Savannah, I encouraged Collins and Zach to interact naturally, exploring the nooks and crannies of this charming city. It was like watching them on a romantic adventure, their love story unfolding before my lens.

strolling the streets of downtown savannah for this engagement session

From Forsyth Park’s grand fountain to Monterey Square, every click of my camera captured a unique moment of joy and love. Collins and Zach’s laughter echoed through the streets, as if the city itself was celebrating their commitment and future together.

Engagement session in Forsyth park with newly engaged couple

Reflecting on this engagement session, I’m grateful for the opportunity to have witnessed and documented the love between Collins and Zach. They are a couple who embraces life with open hearts and exudes an inspiring energy. It was an honor to be their Savannah engagement photographer, to freeze these precious moments in time that they will cherish for years to come.

If you’re seeking a Savannah GA photographer who can capture the essence of your love story, from the serene beauty of Isle of Hope to the vibrant energy of downtown Savannah, I would be honored to be a part of your journey. Together, we can create images that will stand as a testament to your love and connection, forever preserving the magic of your engagement.

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