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Looking to plan your Savannah engagement photos? Look no further! This guide will take you through the most picturesque and iconic spots in this charming southern city. From moss-draped oak trees to historic squares, Savannah offers countless options for capturing your love and creating beautiful memories. 

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Savannah ga photographer Capturing Your Love in Iconic Locations

Start your Savannah engagement photography session in the heart of the city. Forsyth Park is known for its stunning fountain, surrounded by vibrant flowers and sprawling greenery and oaks. This iconic location will provide a timeless backdrop for your pictures.

Forsyth Park

Take a step back in time at Wormsloe Historic Site. The iconic avenue of oak trees, draped with Spanish moss, creates a fairytale-like setting. This enchanting location will transport you to a different era, perfect for capturing romantic and dreamy moments.

Wormsloe Historic Site

Monterey Square is a picturesque setting with its towering oak trees and historic buildings. This spot is known for its charm and romantic ambiance, making it an ideal choice for capturing your love story. With the lush greenery and architectural charm, your photographs will have a timeless appeal.

monterey square

For those seeking a beachy and relaxed feel, head out to Tybee Island, just a short drive from downtown Savannah. Feel the sand between your toes as you stroll along the shore and watch the sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean. The beach, sand dunes, and picturesque lighthouse will create stunning backdrops for your engagement photos.

Tybee Island

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Heading to Isle of Hope will give you a completely different experience. This scenic island boasts breathtaking views of the Savannah coast and mesmerizing sunsets. Explore the charming streets and waterfront areas, capturing candid moments along the way. The natural beauty of Isle of Hope will lend a touch of serenity and tranquility to your engagement photos.

Isle of Hope

For those seeking an urban vibe filled with history and character, Jones Street in downtown Savannah is the right destination. This iconic street is lined with cobblestones, historic homes, and beautiful storefronts. Stroll hand in hand with your partner, soaking in the picturesque surroundings and capturing stunning images against the backdrop of Savannah's rich architectural heritage.

Jones street

If you're a soon-to-be engaged couple looking for a picturesque location for your engagement photos, look no further than the beautiful Bethesda Academy in Savannah. This historic venue offers a stunning backdrop along the marsh for capturing your love story through photographs.

Bethesda Academy

As you wander through Lafayette Square, your photographer will guide you to stunning backdrops, such as the fountain, elegant park benches, and the beautiful surrounding architecture. Each location tells a different story, giving your engagement session depth and variety.

lafayette square

Things to consider

When planning your Savannah Ga engagement photos, keep these factors in mind!

- Timing: The lighting in Savannah is most beautiful during the golden hours of sunrise and sunset. Plan your shoot accordingly to make the most of the natural light.

- Attire: Consider choosing outfits that complement the surroundings. While dressier attire works well in the city, a more casual beach-inspired outfit may be more suitable for Tybee Island. I offer help with outfit selections and offer advice with my engagement outfit guide!

- Permits: Some locations may require permits for professional photography. Make sure to check the regulations and obtain any necessary permits beforehand to avoid any surprises.

As a Savannah engagement photographer, I understand the uniqueness of these locations and how they can enhance your love story through photographs. I take pride in capturing the essence of your relationship while incorporating the beauty and charm of Savannah into every frame.

Whether you choose Forsyth Park, Wormsloe Historic Site, or Lafayette square downtown, your engagement shoot will be a testament to your love and the enchanting backdrop of Savannah. Allow me to create a collection of images that will tell your story for years to come.

Contact me to discuss your Savannah engagement session today or to inquire about your wedding date. Let's create lasting memories together in this beautiful city!

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